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Celebrating success

At Grange we enjoy celebrating and sharing in the successes of our pupils both within and outside of school. In school we celebrate the pupils' success through:

  • Weekly Headteacher awards, which are awarded during our weekly celebration assemblies. Children are awarded a certificate for our school values of Determination, Co-operation or Imagination. In some special circumstances, children might be awarded a certificate for Excellence for something particularly amazing!

  • Each week every teacher sends a postcard home to a child who has impressed them in class. 

  • A weekly 'Star Reader' is awarded a golden token each week in celebration assembly to use our book vending machine to choose a book to take home. 


These are also celebrated in our weekly newsletter

Our weekly newsletter also includes information about the achievements children have outside of school. We love to see what the children have been up to and share this with the Grange community! 

Merit badges
Throughout the school year, children work towards merit badges. Each week, they are able to earn points for their attendance, uniform, attitude to learning, reading at home and completing their homework. Once they have reached 45 points, children are awarded a golden merit badge. The children wear these with pride on their school uniforms! 

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