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Welcome to Grange Primary School

I am delighted to welcome you to Grange Primary School, which is a thriving school in the heart of Wickford. We pride ourselves on having strong links with parents and the local community, and providing children with a high-quality education, enabling them to achieve their potential. 

We are proud of the outcome of our recent Ofsted inspection and we are graded 'Good' in all areas. Our pupils' excellent behaviour was recognised as well as our highly ambitious curriculum and expectations. This is reflected in pupil outcomes, with the school ranking in the top 5% in the country, Essex and the borough. 

At Grange Primary School, the staff and governing board are proud to be working together to provide the very best of opportunities for our pupils academically, socially and emotionally. We have created and foster a culture of high aspiration, enjoyment for learning and academic success amongst all of our pupils, regardless of their social, economic or cultural background. 


At Grange our core values are Determination, Co-operation and Imagination, alongside our motto of 'Strive towards excellence'. These are nurtured and celebrated in all aspects of school life. 

Mrs M.Elfenich
Head Teacher

Vision, values and aims

Strive towards excellence

Our core values are integral to the ethos and culture at Grange Primary School and underpin our curriculum, policies and practice. 

Determination - Pupils at Grange strive towards excellence through showing resilience and

perseverance in  the face of difficulty. By setting goals and taking risks in their learning, they show determination to succeed and achieve. 

Cooperation -  The importance of teamwork and partnership is key to life at Grange. Pupils are

supportive of one another and show an understanding of others' differences.  

Imagination -  Through harnessing pupils' creativity and imagination, pupils are allowed to achieve

their potential and develop their talents. All pupils' success are celebrated. 

Through tailoring our curriculum to the needs of our pupils, the aims are:

  • To ensure that pupils have a clear sense of identity, understanding their place, both locally and in a broader world context, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required for their future as citizens in a globally diverse world;

  • ​To foster in each pupil a desire to achieve and succeed in all areas of life, fulfilling their potential and building aspirations for the future;

  • To provide a forward-thinking, outward-facing, inspiring curriculum that nurtures a love of learning and encourages pupils to become independent, resilient learners;

  • To instil the importance of respect and tolerance for one another and respect and care for the world around us.

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