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School Council

At Grange Primary School we have an active school council. Each year, classes elect representatives who form the school council. The school council meets regularly and feeds back to the classes. Our aims are:

  • to improve the school by making it a friendlier and happier place

  • to think of ways to tackle any problems that our peers may have

  • to raise money for charity by thinking of fun activities to organise

  • to ensure pupils in our school share their thoughts and feelings with others so we can help

  • to develop good communication between our council meetings and our classes, year groups and phases

  • to promote healthy living through a healthy diet, staying active and positive mental health

  • to represent the school positively 

We are proud to support a range of charities at Grange Primary School. 

Here are some of our fundraising events:

Look at the school blog to see some of the events we have raised money for different charities at. 

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