Our curriculum

Our curriculum is focused around the four key themes of conservation, communication, conflict resolution and cultureMeaningful links are made across big ideas and subjects to provide a cohesive learning journey. There is clear progression across year groups and subjects, and a consistent approach throughout the school. Not only does our new curriculum reflect the changes within education, but also allows our children to develop a purposeful sense of being within a global community.

In addition to the four key themes, we recognise the importance of the school within the local area and incorporated a fifth theme, community, into the curriculum.



The aims of our curriculum are as follows:

  • to ensure that pupils have a clear sense of identity, understanding their place, both locally and in a broader world context, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required for their future as citizens in a globally diverse world;

  • to foster in each pupil a desire to achieve and succeed in all areas of life, fulfilling their potential and building aspirations for the future;

  • to provide a forward - thinking, outward - facing, inspiring curriculum that nurtures a love of learning and encourages pupils to become independent, resilient learners;

  • to instil the importance of respect and tolerance for one another and respect and care for the world around us.

Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

Communication is the foundation of all human relationships and aff­ects all aspects of our lives. It spreads knowledge and information across cultures, countries and generations. Developing language and vocabulary is a priority for us across the school and we passionately believe that communication is key to accessing learning and securing pupils’ future success. Pupils need to learn how to communicate clearly and positively, using verbal and non-verbal skills to get their ideas and feelings across, to receive other people’s messages and to resolve conflict.

At Grange, we want our pupils to fully appreciate and embrace cultural diversity and we actively and explicitly promote cross-cultural friendship, respect, tolerance and understanding throughout the curriculum. An understanding and appreciation of, and establishing relationships with people from other cultures is vital in building and maintaining successful communities. An appreciation of cultural diversity goes hand-in-hand with a just and equitable society and helps to overcome and prevent racial and ethnic divisions. Pupils need to learn how culture a­ffects perception, influences behaviour and shapes personalities.

We also feel our pupils need a more structured approach to developing greater awareness and appreciation of local, national and global conservation issues and initiatives, learning how they have an important role to play in sustainability. When faced with the enormity of world conservation issues, pupils need to know that small actions can make a big difference.


We believe that life skills should be taught throughout the curriculum and an understanding of responsible, respectful behaviour is an important aspect of learning.  Through our conflict-focused themes, pupils learn how to handle disagreements constructively and are given opportunities to learn about and understand their differences. With an active School Council in post, pupils are able to see the impact of pupil voice, the importance of conflict resolution and relevance of rules and expectations in real-life contexts.

Please see our year group overview pages to see how the themes are organised and see our subject pages for progression in skills and knowledge across year groups, phases and key stages. 

Please see our English, mathematics and curriculum policies for more information on how we teach these subjects at Grange.