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At Grange Primary School we follow the Little Wandle scheme for phonics and begin teaching phonics early on in reception. Children are taught to recognise individual letter sounds and the sounds that groups of letters make (phonemes). It is important that the children learn the 'pure' sound in order for them to blend sounds together to read words. The videos below explain the importance of using 'pure' sounds and let you hear what each letter or group of letters should sound like. 

Tricky words

Some words cannot be sounded out and blended as the letter patterns do not make the sounds heard in the word. These words are taught as 'tricky words' and children learn which part is tricky and become familiar with them. The video below shows how the tricky words are taught in phonics. 

Early reading

Once the children have learned the first set, or phase, of sounds, we will send them home with a book which they will be able to read. The children should be able to use their knowledge of each sound to 'blend' the letters together to read each word. The video below shows how you can help your child to blend the sounds together to read words. 

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