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At Grange we believe that reading and writing are key to education. We recognise that a high-quality English education will teach pupils to speak, read and write fluently, and enable children to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually and socially. Through year group core texts, we strive for children to develop a love of reading and writing, both for pleasure and to expand their horizons. These carefully-selected texts, which are often linked to the term’s topic, expose children to high-level vocabulary and ideas, and are read to the children by the teacher daily to further promote a love of reading.



At Grange we believe that reading is at the centre of learning. We strive for all children to learn to love books and reading, and believe that all children should be able to read for pleasure and to a high standard. Children learn to read from reception through regular engaging phonics lessons and continue to make progress through regular reading opportunities throughout the school day. We aspire for all children to become fluent, expressive readers with the stamina and drive to enjoy increasingly challenging texts.



It is our vision that all children at Grange will learn to become competent and confident writers through being given exciting and inspiring materials to challenge them. We want children to develop a genuine love of writing and be able to use this to express themselves and communicate with others. Children should be able to write independently for a range of purposes, drawing on their own and others’ experiences. Through regular grammar lessons, children are taught spelling patterns and how to use a range of punctuation accurately in their writing. 

To ensure all of the children at Grange receive the best possible English curriculum, we have linked our reading and writing to the themes of our whole-school curriculum. This allows children to immerse themselves in their learning. All skills are covered in depth across the key stages, phases and year groups. Please see the documents below. 

English curriculum overviews

National curriculum programme of study

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