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Religious education

At Grange Primary School, we believe that it is vital for all our pupils to learn about religion so that they can understand the world around them. Through Religious Education, pupils develop their knowledge of the world faiths, and their understanding and awareness of the beliefs, values and traditions of other individuals, societies, communities and cultures. We encourage our pupils to ask questions about the world and to reflect on their own beliefs, values and experiences. Our Religious Education curriculum is enhanced further with trips to places of worship in our local area.


We use the Saffron Walden RE scheme, which is fully aligned to the new Essex syllabus, as the basis for our curriculum which promotes learning, development and depth through the following lenses:


Theology - Thinking through believing

  • Ask questions that believers would ask

  • Think like theologians

  • Explore questions and answers that arise from inside religions and world views

Philosophy - Thinking through thinking

  • As questions that thinkers would ask

  • Think like philosophers

  • Explore questions and answers raised through considering the nature of knowledge, existence and morality

Human and social science - Thinking through living

  • Ask questions that people who study reality would ask

  • Think like human and social scientists

  • Explore questions and answers raised in relation to the impact of religions and world views on people and their lives

To ensure all of the children at Grange receive the best possible RE curriculum, we ensure that skills and knowledge are covered and progress through the different year groups, phases and key stages. The following documents show how we have mapped out our RE across Grange Primary School. 

RE coverage 

RE progression document

Intent, implementation and impact 

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